Virtual Reality Labs for Chemistry

A Virtual World for Teaching Chemistry through learning scenarios and virtual laboratories.


Project Summary

The VR4Chemistry project will modernize and enhance the quality and the effectiveness of education and can also support the reinforcement of efficiency and attractiveness with the utilization of innovative educational ICT, such as virtual reality.

This project can be seen as an investment into school education through the use of the aforementioned educational technologies (3D virtual reality), the development of appropriate educational and pedagogical methods and also the implementation of innovative training and learning approaches in the virtual reality environment adapted to the needs of students.

The project has a duration of 24 months, starting at 01.02.2022 and ending on 31.01.2025.

Intellectual Outputs

Game-based 3D virtual world

A 3D virtual world environment about chemistry that will host all the activities and learning material using an attractive, multi-user training environment. In addition, the 3d virtual world will include a series of 3D interactive scenarios for each course. Finally, the 3D virtual environment will feature training functionality laboratories, classes and auditoriums, which will allow organizing online or distance training/educational process like a face-to-face process.

Training of the teachers and roll-out events

A methodology that will help teachers to educate students in both situations: - in an attractive way during full-time lessons, as well as in a situation where they cannot attend the teaching process in person. It also aims to train teachers on how to plan lectures and teach avatars (students in a virtual learning environment).


Participant Organizations

Zespol Szkol i Placowek Specjalnych,


Stowarzyszenie Arid,


Zakladna skola Benkova 34, Nitra, Slovakia


České centrum odborného vzdělávání, z.ú., Czech Republic


Computer Technology Institute "Diophantus", Greece